Historical evidence shows that the Chong tribe from eastern Thailand employed a remedy focused on the “massage line,” rarely practiced today but resurrected here at Sense, A Rosewood Spa. Our therapists apply the basic principle of massaging a line o f tension in the body to release stress and blockages. This ancient treatment incorporates Plai Essential Oil Blend made with Thai herbs and a traditional herbal compress to relieve muscle pain. Chong Massage improves energy, relaxes the body and maximizes overall energy pathways.
THB 5200.00
Inspired by the rituals of traditional Thai royal beauties, this treatment uses Nam Pun Sai (Red Lime), tamarind and Khi Lek, blended with uncooked rice, as a rich body scrub to cleanse and balance the skin. This natural exfoliation is followed by a body wrap of turmeric mixed with clay, sesame and white turnip root, a mixture known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, to leave your skin feeling refreshed and luminous.
THB 5200.00
The Ayutthaya period in Thai history was influenced by other cultures, for example by the Persian merchants who came here to trade. The Persians often applied an extraction from the Tian Dam flower to help release tension and encourage blood circulation after a hard day’s work, and it is incorporated here in this treatment. This massage starts by stretching technique along with hot stone massage over the body. Then, Tian Dam is applied to soak into the skin in order to heal and release joint and muscle paIN as well as stimulate blood circulation. This treatment benefits everyone, but especially those suffering from joint pain, as well as those affected by menopause as it is perfect for encouraging hormone balance.
THB 5200.00